Hockey – How to Have the Ultimate Energy Level Fast

There is a technique that all hockey players should be aware off and use to increase and control their energy level to maximum levels. This technique can be learned and use within a few minutes of learning about it in your game.

Hockey players usually will breathe in their chest level when practicing or playing their game. Although this is an accepted way that 99.9% of hockey players use, it’s not the proper way to increase and control the ultimate energy level within their own body.

It’s really funny that hockey players will pay strict attention to what they eat and drink but don’t make any efforts in the way they breathe or how to achieve, maintain and control their breathing to maximum levels.

Let me show why breathing is so important. In seminars I will ask athletes how long they could live without eating or water. Their answers range between 2-4 weeks before they would die.

The clincher comes in when I ask them how long they could live without BREATHING!

The all answer within a few minutes…they would die.

Breathing is really important but hockey players don’t have clue on the proper way of achieving this breathing in practice or during the game.

Here are the steps in learning how to do basic breathing in hockey:

  1. You must breath while compressing the air that you breathe in to your lower stomach area (approx. 2 inches below your belly button)
  2. You must tense up your stomach muscles (Make sure that you don’t get your stomach muscles tight… I mean just firm them up and you’ll be ok).

If you follow the above 2 steps you won’t have any problems in achieving and maintaining perfect breathing patterns and you’ll also have the ultimate level of energy.

There are more techniques and information but I don’t have the time here to go over them all…

Just breathe and compress your air into your lower stomach area. Also make sure that your stomach muscles are firmed up while doing the breathing process.

Note: Make sure that you don’t tense up your stomach muscles…just have them firm and you’ll be ok.